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Stanton Precision Products, LLC Butler, NJ. Precision Swiss CNC machining and turning for a wide range of industries including aerospace, gun manufacturing, military, industrial and others.

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Stanton Precision Products Inc, Butler, NJ was selected by the Savit Corp. to manufacture and deliver key components of the Navy` s M45 Electric Primer Assembly. A quantity of twenty thousand of each component shown below was successfully manufactured, delivered, and accepted by the Navy over the period CY 2008- early 2011.


Primer tube

Primer stock

Ignition Cup


Primer tube assembly


The Mk45 is a critical component of the Mk67 propelling charge for the 5”/54 projectile and this task had high visibility within the Navy community with emphasis on producibility, critical inspections, and delivery needs. As a result , high levels of inspection and producibility initiatives were developed to meet the objectives of the Navy`s SOW and TDP.


Stanton was well qualified to manufacture and inspect critical characteristics of the complex components at a cost efficient price. The Star SR-32J 7axis CNC Swiss type lathe with an automatic bar loader was used to manufacture the components. The size and configuration of the components lent themselves to the use of this machine and eliminated the need for multiple and costly secondary operations and additional setups. Stanton successfully developed the optimum machine processing and inspection methods including machine programming, tooling, setups, final assembly and packaging techniques.


In addition to manufacturing the components, Stanton developed special inspection and tooling equipment to support Savit`s producibility studies for the Mk45.. The testing

equipment included a special multi -pin `Go / No- Go gage` to quickly measure the location, presence ,and critical diameters of 32 close tolerance holes located in each primer tube. Stanton also developed a special tooling fixture with a read out -load gague to conduct, measure, and confirm the holding power reliability of press fitted components.


J. Sacco

Savit Corporation

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